Now the excitement of being awarded our heritage lottery grant has sunk in, the real work begins!
Restoration works are programmed to start at the beginning of June, when we will begin to see real changes to the Station taking place.
In the meantime, advice has been taken from the West Lindsey Conservation Officer in conjunction with the Council Planning Officers to ensure that we do our best to restore the building sympathetically.
We are making arrangements to strip the stonework of its paint, as one of our first major jobs is to find out how much of the stonework actually needs replacing or repairing.
Replacing and repairing the stonework is highly skilled and expensive work. The highly skilled stonemasons at the Cathedral have been very helpful in giving us advice and confirming the original stone to be Ancaster Hard White,
Lots of craftsmen will be on site at different times with opportunities for trainees to learn about working on a listed building and the skills required, and at some point during the course of the refurbishment, we will be holding a demonstration where our stone mason will be able to show case his skills and for some hands-on work by trainees.
If you would like more information please email or keep checking our website or sign up to our blog to be kept informed.