Market Rasen Heritage Centre welcomes visits from schools and other children’s groups. To arrange your visit, or ask any questions, please email

To help you get the most from your visit, we have prepared detailed learning resources you can download from this page. These are aimed at older primary school children.

The learning resources comprise of two files.

1) PowerPoint Slides

This PowerPoint gives children a variety of tasks to do before, during and after a visit to Market Rasen Railway Station’s Heritage Centre.

The 25 slides are written to directly address the children.

The PowerPoint is designed to be edited so that you can tailor the content to your students and the tasks you want them to do.

The PowerPoint can be downloaded with this link:

Market Rasen Railway Station Learning Resources PowerPoint

2) PDF of all information panels at the heritage centre

The slides work in conjunction with a PDF that includes all information panels on display in the centre.

This PDF can be viewed and downloaded with this link:

Market Rasen Railway Station Learning Resources Info Boards

Please do not use the content of these slides outside of educational activities relating to the Heritage Centre visit, many images are covered by intellectual property right, so should only be used in school work relating to this project.

If you have any questions or feedback, please email them to

We hope you and the children enjoy your visit!

We would like to thank primary school teacher Zoe Richardson for her invaluable advice and ideas in the preparation of these resources.