About The Station


Market Rasen Station, Chapel Street, Market Rasen, Lincolnshire LN8 3AQ

Previous Use

Since 1848 when the railway came to Market Rasen, the station has played an important role in the lives of the Market Rasen townspeople, providing accessible, affordable transport, with Ticket Offices, Royal Mail facilities and waiting rooms for passengers, as well as employment for local people.

The livestock market was situated close to the Railway Station which enabled goods trains to transport livestock from Market Rasen to the greater rail network.

Race horses were also brought in by goods trains for race meetings, enabling the race course to add much to the economy of Market Rasen.

In the mid 1800’s Market Rasen was particularly well known for an industry, which would not be so well thought of today:  the production of clay pipes (smoking variety, not drainage)  The clay for the pipes came from Devon by canal to Gainsborough and then by road, and later by rail to Market Rasen.  Production ceased when wooden pipes were introduced.

In Victorian times the railway was considered so important there was an enclosed wrought iron canopy covering the rails from one side of the Station to the other, along with the goods warehouses.

As a destination the Station was, and continues to be well used by racegoers who were looking forward to a successful day at Market Rasen Races hoping to travel home with their pockets full of winnings!

Current Use


Sadly, today, the building itself is derelict, although the Station Adoption Group ensures that a welcome is given to rail passengers by the installation of permanent planters and external artwork showing depictions of the countryside around the Station and local historical characters.

Rail passenger numbers are in the region of 65,000 annually, some commuting from/to Market Rasen, but the majority passing through.  The Races still bring in the crowds, especially on Boxing Day and Easter holidays!